Coolmax used in the italian socks by Tecnosport

Coolmax used in the italian socks by Tecnosport

Tecnosport received certification of compliance of the product directly from the headquarter of Invista, creator of the innovative Coolmax yarn, for the following products:

  • Specialized sock "Big Walk" - Approval Number: F166397-270315
  • Specialized sock "Long Walk" - Approval Number: F166395-270315
  • Specialized sock "Big Trip" - Approval Number: F166393-270315
  • Specialized sock "Skirun" - Approval Number: F165378-120315


Coolmax® is a special fiber and among the most effective use for the production of socks techniques. Coolmax® moves sweat accumulated in a waterproof laminate that absorbs quickly, thus keeping the body dry and comfortable.

This peculiarity makes it ideal for any sporting activity as it promotes the natural process of cooling the body in motion and prevents excess heat or the onset of chills in the moments of rest.


Cool comfort for active life
Consumers requiring higher performance to clothing needed for their active lifestyles will find that Coolmax® Active makes them feel fresher than any other fabric. Coolmax® actually moves sweat away from the skin to the fabric surface of technical socks, where it can evaporate quickly. This thermoregulatory effect helps you stay more dry and comfortable.

Distinctive features of Coolmax®:

  • Uses an innovative fiber technology that makes exceptional performance
  • Has superior properties of moisture management
  • Dries faster tissue competitors
  • It has the proven ability to reduce skin temperature and heart rate during exercise
  • Exceeds competitive fabrics in comfort level
  • Maintains better hydration of the athlete
  • And 'conforms to the highest standards of certification ADVANSA performance